Project: Denua, Warrior Queen – Phil Gregge




Book / eBook publishing


Print, eCommerce

Primary platforms:

InDesign, Photoshop

The project consisted of providing editorial function and full design services to deliver a printed book and e-book for self-publishing author, Phil Gregge.

As a historical fiction novel, the book had to be appealing to this type of reader (action, history, fantasy), but with a modern and accessible visual that would encourage a potential reader to pick up the book and read the back cover. The author provided a seed for the front cover, an image created by a relative.  This needed to be extended in all directions to work as a full cover, requiring extensive Photoshop work.

I worked with the author to agree a colour palette, font selection, book cover design and stylistic presentation that would ensure the book fit the genre, using a celtic knot motif as a paragraph seperation and chapter header motif. The book was amended for flow, SPAG (spelling, punctuation and grammar), accuracy, consistency, marketing copy, and page layout, before files were prepared for print.  Print liaison, quality assurance, ISBN, barcodes, publishing and British Library liaison were also included.  Promotional 3D mockup graphics were also provided for the author to use as they developed their own website.

Once the print phase was complete, the book was prepared as a flexible, reflow layout Kindle version, uploaded via KDP and listed on an Amazon Seller Account and Amazon Author Central. Training was provided to the author on how to manage the listing, deliver products sold and market the book.

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