Project: Building Babies Brains – Action for Children




Course design


Print, Branding, Analytics, Animation

Primary platforms:

InDesign, Illustrator, After Effects

The project consisted of taking a prototype course created by innovators within Action for Children and helping to create multiple brands, assets, course publications, promotional material and measuring tools so that the course could be rolled out nationally over time.

The brand had to function within the existing AfC brand which was fully implemented and consistent across the national charity.  However, it also needed to communicate it’s own identity within the softer realm of babies and the more scientific theme of brain development. We focused on a logo that could be used against a background colour palette to give flexibility and enable colour themeing within the product.  We created the sub-brand ‘Pass It On’ to encourage an altruistic, group dynamic and wove this into the printed course materials and course delivery.

Halfway through the project, the main branding team wanted more involvement and so the brand identity had to shift to incorporate more of the core brand.  The design was suitably flexible to  be repurposed in this way and include boilerplate text and the AfC star motif.  The course materials were focused on ease of use for both leader and participant, and the AfC team were supplied with assets that could be used in the Online Learning Environment which housed the core online course.

Feedback from the executive branding team, course innovators and participants confirmed that the course materials and brand identities remained respectful of the core values of the AfC brand and allowed the individual course values to shine through and complement.  In particular, the course creators thoroughly enjoyed the process and retained a sense of ownership, using the new materials and brand to successfully deliver the repackaged course to a new cohort of participants at the end of the project.

Additional example work on this project:

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