Project: 0 to 19 Torbay for you – Torbay Health Partnership




Resource design and delivery


Print, Web, Video, Presentation

Primary platforms:

InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, WordPress

This extensive project consisted of designing and creating a range of digital health intervention resources relevant to children aged 0 to 19 which included videos, PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, guides, etc. for all ages and SEND that a range of professionals and staff can use to help train or increase their knowledge in agreed topics areas. This was also determined through co-production with staff and parents.

The project aimed to develop a range of health education materials to improve access and understanding of key health messages and the impact on people’s health and their understanding of how to reduce the risks associated with poor heath.  An existing brand was extended as a parent-facing brand, and a total of 80+ leaflets, booklets and publications were created, along with an A1 delivery poster (also translated into Russian), contact scripts for staff, reusable slides, visit postcards, a delivery web portal, and other support and training.

The output of this project was incredibly well received by all stakeholders and this has been rolled out across the partnership, with staff now much more comfortable to address issues at point of contact in a light-touch manner rather than having to delay contact by referring to specialist practitioners.

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