About me

I am a creative, pragmatic and innovating individual, full-stack designer and a skill-based chameleon.  My aspiration is to use my generalist skills to be more creative, improve the lives of people, and make something new and set apart from others, both in quality and impact.


I have worked across a large range of sectors and verticals and I have always enjoyed learning new areas to the point of expertise.  My biggest thrill is bringing something established in one sector and applying it in a novel way to a new sector or challenge.

I am good with clients, a driving team-player, a capable presenter and a staff encourager.

I am a capable and broadly-skilled designer, engineer, early-stage startup CEO and extremely adaptable professional.

I have expert knowledge of the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, productivity products, web delivery, novel tech, data structures, AI and other novel technologies.

Interesting fact:  My university dissertation required me to write an AI neural network in Matlab, which I trained, tested and proved successfully.  This was pre-Internet in 1993.

Areas of expertise / experience

I have worked in and with the following sectors and areas: 

Private Sector (MoD, Royal Navy, Sonar, Submarines, Comms tech, Technical authoring, Training, Conferences).

Public Sector (Childcare, Youth services, Family services, Mental Health, Adult Social Care, Healthy Activities & Food, Health & Wellbeing, Future of Work, Employability, Prison service).

Third Sector (Substance Misuse, Addiction recovery, Parenting, Children’s Health).

Fourth Sector (Childcare, Innovation, GovTech).

Concept design agency

Helped grow an agency focused on bringing people’s ideas into reality.  As Director of Innovation and Lead Designer, this included full-stack design of books, courses, physical and digital products, websites, and Kickstarter projects.


Involved in GovTech startups since 2012.  Founded a childcare innovation startup and an GovTech innovation startup, including securing £75k funding, pitching to investors, and delivering an innovation programme.

Public Sector / LAs

Represented the Department for Education (UK) and several local authorities since 2008.  Worked for Dorset County Council managing a team of 10 staff and helped Borough of Poole Council win two national CYP Now Awards.

Defence engineering

Worked for the Defence Evaluation and Researcg Agency (DERA) and in industry on a Royal Navy support project for 12 years.  Provided novel sonar for RN submarines, spent 12 weeks at sea on sea trials, designed new hardware.  Wrote and delivered tech course for Royal Marines (in 2 weeks).

Music industry

Built a music composition studio and operated it as a business, working in recording, production, advertising, sonic branding, and gaming.  Achieved $5k monthly streaming earnings on one song, and top 20 UK country chart position.

CAD design

Designed glazing and aluminium window systems for construction clients.  This included penthouse and commercial properties.  Learnt AutoCAD in a week and attended client meetings on Day 2.